trg_responseMost attorneys and crisis managers agree that the best defense to increased injury, costs, and suits is a good response.  There appears to be a new and growing trend by Plaintiff attorneys to target missions, churches, religious groups, and international aid agencies as the next deep pocket for litigation in the US and abroad.

To answer this growing concern, TRGI is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality in each project undertaken.  The type and quality of the multi-disciplinary team that makes up the group cannot be matched in its international exposure and understanding of the complexities of multi-national events.  All staff and investigators have been vetted and trained in up-to-date investigative techniques for internal international corporate and NGO investigations.

More specifically, our investigators have been fully trained in the Best Practice Standards and investigative practices of the Child Safety and Protection Network.  In addition, for child abuse investigations, investigators follow the NICHD protocols for investigative interviews for alleged sex abuse victims.

TRGI RESPONSE SERVICES: Professional, Impartial, and Confidential.

We have 100 years of mission and investigative experience among our professional team members.  Our team includes Law Enforcement, Psychologists, Educators, Mission Security Specialists, Former Prosecutors, Accountants, Data Recovery Specialists, Contingency Consultants, Missionaries (multi-lingual and multi-cultural), and Mediators.

Each investigator has been certified and trained for the unique need for internal investigations for missions, churches, corporate and NGOs, as well as being fully vetted and screened.  We believe that our prepared Multi-Disciplinary team will be the “good response” that protects your organization from unnecessary financial expenditures and community backlash that often come with the investigative conclusion of guilt of personnel.

If an investigation is not done correctly the first time, a wave of consequences follow, that may or may not resolve the issue at hand.  Learn from the past mistakes of others, and call TRGI, and prevent as much unnecessary damage as possible.

If you have already been hit with an issue requiring an internal investigation, call TRGI to receive professional, impartial and confidential investigative services by a fully trained and vetted multi-disciplinary team with multi-lingual and multi-national experience.  Or, it may be that you are not satisfied with the outcome of a recent internal investigation, and need an unbiased third-party to come in and do a professional investigation – TRGI can fill that need.

Providing an Effective Response:

  • Fair, Comprehensive, and Confidential Investigations
  • Independent Child Abuse Investigations
  • Corporate Misconduct & Policy Violations
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Computer, Cell Phone, and Tablet Lock-Down & Data Recovery
  • Internet Adult/Child Pornography Discovery
  • General Risk and Liability Investigations

Call The Ross Group International today, before it’s too late!  You can’t go back in time; you can only prepare and take appropriate responsive actions.  1.888.770.7094