Professional | Comprehensive | Confidential

TRG_Crest_180The Ross Group International (TRGI) was founded as a result of a growing need for agencies and NGOs to be more complete in their administrative structure, for their need to have well-trained staff, and finally for independent and experienced investigators to conduct comprehensive internal investigations in multi-national and multi-cultural settings around the world.

Our Mission:

The Ross Group International is committed to answering the growing demands being brought upon churches, missions and NGOs to professionally, comprehensively and confidentially address issues of concern.  These include problems such as employee misconduct, child abuse, sexual harassment and corporate policy violations, to name a few.

TRGI is addressing the increased needs being brought upon agencies by offering:

1) Advanced training programs specifically geared to policy and protocol development and employee subject matter development,

2) Providing highly trained independent investigators that understand operating in multi-cultural, multi-lingual settings,

3) By following well-proven, nationally recognized processes.


TRGI is committed to serving churches, mission agencies, and NGOs by helping them address issues such as employee/staff misconduct, child abuse, sexual harassment, corporate policy violations, and much more in the professional, comprehensive, and confidential manner they require and expect.

Proven Prevention:  We utilize comprehensive assessment protocols and follow a core program of well-proven, nationally recognized processes.

Effective Response:  Our team of experience, highly-trained independent investigators are well-versed in how to operate in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments within a variety of organizational settings.

Advanced Training: We offer programs specifically geared towards policy and protocol development along with employee subject matter proficiency training.

With over 100 years of combined missions and investigative experience, our expert team includes Law Enforcement, Psychologists, Educators, Missions Security Specialists, Former Prosecutors, Accountants, Forensic Data Recovery Specialists, Contingency Consultants, and trained Mediators.

TRGI protects your organization from unnecessary financial damages, community backlash, and other negative consequences that can result from a poorly executed or partial internal investigation.