Prevention, Training, ResponseThe two most important commodities that agencies have are their personnel and their ministry.  It is often said that the best way to protect personnel, their families, and the ministry in a crisis is to “avoid it.”  This is the focus and strategic basic component of all that TRGI does.  Education, training, and good protocols and policies are the first components in a comprehensive approach to protection of personnel and ministry.

If you think that no scandal could happen at your organization, or member of personnel will go wayward, then you are deceiving yourself.  Although it is a small minority that choose this path, it has a large ripple affect on the organization as a whole, and on individuals within it.  This effect can include detrimental financial ramifications, lowered morale, and life-long trauma for those more closely involved.

TRGI PREVENTION SERVICES: Education, Training, and Policies.

If your organization is reading this page, then you are already wiser and steps ahead of the average agency.  Learn from our experiences with other agencies, and prevent the crisis, before it becomes a part of your organization’s and personnel’s unfortunate history!

Our experienced team has done hundreds of training workshops in over 50 countries across 5 continents!  This can range from a small church to a large mission organization.  Let TRGI help you prevent avoidable tragedies before they happen!

Education:  Reading this website is a first step in educating yourself in the area of Child Safety as well as Staff Conduct and Safety.  Click here for a list of suggested resources for you and your organization.

Training:  Training is one of the most important components of preventing unnecessary issues in your agency, as well as appropriate response actions being taken.  Click here for different training opportunities TRGI offers.

Policies:  TRGI has programs specifically geared towards developing policies and protocol for your organization.  We can be part of the team that improves what is already in place, or creates one from the ground up.  We offer:

  • Policy and Staff Manual Development
  • Compliance and Exposure Audits

Consulting:  TRGI is available for consulting with organizations who are aware of what needs to be done, but want professional help in implementing and executing it.  With the combined experience and expertise that TRGI has, we can review current policies and procedures, update and refine as needed, and educate and implement within the organization.  TRGI will help take your organization from A to Z in the area of policies, procedures, protocol, and internal investigations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – call TRGI to provide education, training, and policies to prevent an issue that requires an internal investigation.  You will not regret this prevention step!

Call The Ross Group International today, before it’s too late!  You can’t go back in time; you can only prepare and take appropriate responsive actions. 1.888.770.7094