“Background Checks – Due Diligence With Our Eyes Open”

Background Checks – Due Diligence With Our Eyes Open

Churches, mission agencies, and non-profit organizations are seeing the importance of background checks.  Background checks are important and certain results are worth special consideration.  Organizations have not always seen the importance of background checks, and if this is still the case for your church, agency, or non-profit organization, then please consider this article.

As a culture, Christian, religious and non-profit organizations have often accepted any help they can get.  As long as you are a willing body, the attitude has been, “Come on in and help us out!”  It is often an assumption that people who are volunteering and working with these types of agencies are good people.  Unfortunately, this assumption has, at times, been proven wrong and has hurt numerous people through the years.  It will take time to change this mindset.  We don’t want to look at everyone as a potential criminal, and yet it is necessary to have our eyes open to reality.  Criminals can look like (and have been) the nicest community and church leaders, family people.  What you see may not be what you are getting.  Those who volunteer may not have good intentions.  How can we resolve this, so that we have people volunteering and serving we trust, and yet not think everyone is a criminal everywhere we look?

The wise and prudent thing to do is to be aware and plan accordingly.  The fact is, sometimes criminals, sexual offenders, and people with serious mental issues apply or offer to serve in churches, mission agencies, and non-profit organizations.  The fact is, wherever there are people, you will have problems, and these problems can be criminal in nature.  The fact is, as a church or agency you value your members and children.  The fact is, there are things you can do to prepare yourself before a criminal offender is found among your members.  The fact is, once damage has been done by a criminal to your members and/or agency, it cannot be undone.  All that is left is minimizing the damage and providing resources for healing and recovery.

A background investigation is one of many things that can be done to help protect your church, agency, or non-profit organization from criminal offenders joining your ranks.  It is not full-proof, but it is due diligence, and will bring to light a previous criminal history.  Wouldn’t you like to know who is working with you and with your members and children?  You might have already agreed this is helpful, but the article “Importance of Background Checks” found at www.guideone.com also gives insight into which items need special consideration on the completed background investigation report.  I would suggest looking at their article for these helpful insights.

In addition, having sound policies in place before something happens in your church, agency, or non-profit organization, is critical.  It is not “if” something will happen, but “when” it will happen.  You can minimize the damage and expense to your agency by having proper policies and procedures in place beforehand.  This not only weeds out some at the beginning of the process, but it also ensures professional and unbiased responses for any allegation of misconduct received.

We, at The Ross Group International, provide policy audits, policy and procedure creation, training for members and leadership, as well as investigation services for misconduct allegations.

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“The Seven Deadly Sins and the Sin Unto Death”

The Seven Deadly Sins and the Sin Unto Death

Few incidents will shake the leadership of a field more than child abuse.  The first news is often met with disbelief and confusion about what to do.  The emotional costs to the alleged offender and survivor cause polarization to begin, which can rip apart a field.  While the effect can not be eliminated, it can be reduced with the correct response.  When you make a commitment to do so, you are helping your survivors, offenders, families, staff, and the organization.

What are The Seven Deadly Sins?

  • Sin of Disbelief
  • Sin of Using Scripture as a Weapon
  • Sin of Claiming Procedural Error as an Excuse
  • Sin of Believing it was the Survivor’s Fault
  • SIn of Being Driven by Need
  • Sin of Using Culture as an Excuse
  • Sin of Using Time as an Excuse
  • And the Sin Unto Death

(excerpt from Scott Ross’ Training on “A Leader’s Guide to Child Abuse”)

The above is an excerpt of Scott Ross’ training.  Each “Sin” is looked at in detail, and the “Sin Unto Death” is revealed.  With Scott and TRGI’s collective experience, we can train you to prevent unnecessary issues if an allegation is brought up in your organization, or to at least respond to the allegation appropriately.  This is heavy subject matter, but unfortunately, it must be addressed before it is too late for your organization!